A8 L

Big is Better. The New Audi A8 L.
Live the future with us. A design that takes elegance and dynamics to a new level, with numerous assistance systems, a new operating concept that offers a new level of intuitive use, and above all more space. Configure your own personal space in the back, more flexible and comfortable than ever before, and experience even greater luxury in the new Audi A8 L.

Leader With History
Prestige and dynamism – a testament to the fine design elements of the new A8 L. Despite its newly-designed exterior, it is also a tribute to the legendary Ur-quattro, not least because of its powerful wheel arches.

A Heavy Weight With A Lightweight Construction
Like its predecessor, the new Audi A8 L stands for innovative lightweight construction technology. The multi-material space-frame design means its body weighs less on the scales. At the same time, rigidity is increased by one third.

Fascinatingly Intelligent
The new A8 L innovative assistance systems take your driving experience to a whole new level both from the point of view of comfort and safety.

Elegance in A New Light
Thanks to the multi-coloured contours / ambience light package, the interior is staged with precise fibre optics. The interior design is highlighted and further enhanced in its quality.

Feel The Difference
The interior of the new Audi A8 L has a whole new operating concept. Touch displays with haptic feedback replace traditional operating switches and the less cluttered look gives a more elegant impression. Intuitive handling of the instrumente ensures unique comfort, even in the back.

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